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Dr Mehta’s Hospital Organises “Pediatric Acute Care Nephrology Masterclass 2024″

Chennai, March 17th, 2024: Dr. Mehta’s Department of Pediatric Intensive Care organized “Pediatric Acute Care Nephrology Masterclass 2024,” This workshop is aimed to enhance clinical expertise in acute kidney care for young children with kidney problems. The workshop was inaugurated at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals, Global campus, Velapanchavadi by the chief guest Dr K Rajendran, and guest of honour Dr Ebor Jacob. Around 100 renowned leading healthcare professionals across the country participated the workshop.

Children are being admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) due to various ailments, including severe dengue fever, and the kidneys often bear the brunt of such illnesses. Concerned! this event addresses the critical need for optimal management of acute kidney conditions in children said Dr Sasidaran.

Speaking about the workshop, Dr Sasidaran, Group PICU Head and Organizing secretary of PAC Nephro Masterclass 2024 said that “Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals is the pioneer in pediatric intensive care and employs CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) – an advanced form of kidney support modality in children. Particularly in children weighing less than 10 kg, for whom it is considered challenging. And stepping forward in advancing acute care nephrology as a specialty service.”

“The conference presents a unique opportunity for practicing intensivists and nephrologists from across India to acquire expertise in CRRT and other crucial aspects of acute care nephrology. The workshop also facilitated collaboration amongst a multidisciplinary team including top-notch intensivists, nephrologists, anesthesiologists, nurses, and allied health professionals.” Added Dr Sasidharan.

The Conference served as a golden opportunity—to equip healthcare professionals with the skills necessary to save lives and improve outcomes for critically ill pediatric patients. Culminated with a certificate distribution ceremony, acknowledging the participation and commitment of attendees to advancing paediatric nephrology care. Three books namely PediREST – work Book – HD and SLED; PediREST Guidebook 2.0 – Pediatric Renal Support Therapy -Stepwise approach to Optimise renal support in children and PediREST Guidebook 2.0 – Pediatric Renal Support Therapy – Review questions launched at the conference

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