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Fortune’s Pet Pujo 2022 Campaign received with love across India

Kolkata, Saturday, 20th October 2022: Fortune Foods released its 2022 Durga Puja campaign on the 24th of September, as part of its yearly ‘Pet Pujo’ series that started in 2017. It celebrates the love for food and the essence of the festival through the lens of a person reuniting with their friends and family after two years of being away from home.


The film received a strong response from Bengalis not just in West Bengal, but across the country. The commercial brings out the essence of the festival along with the home-cooked delicacies and a coming together of family and friends to celebrate pujo like they used to.


The campaign reached over 12 million people across India. To be precise, it witnessed a whopping 10+ million views and over 300 shares.


In this commercial, the characters are seen celebrating the festival as the story captures all

the things the quintessential Bengali indulges in. From hopping pandals together on one

scooter to enjoying the bhog and lip-smacking home-cooked delicacies together, Fortune’s

2022 ‘Pet Pujo’ campaign celebrates the food, the warmth and the coming together of

Bengalis. Exhibiting the love for food, Fortune once again cooks up a delicious story amid pujo celebrations which makes the people of Bengal feel an instant connection in their hearts.

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