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Greater Chennai Corporation’s ICCC Smart Governance Centre Receives IGBC’s Platinum Certification

This award marks GCC as India’s First Government Building to receive the highest score under the platinum category of the IGBC Green New Building Rating System


Chennai, 24 November, 2023: The Greater Chennai Corporation’s (GCC) -ICCC Smart Governance Centre today received the prestigious Platinum Certification under the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green New Building Rating System. With this accolade and an impressive score of 89 out of 100 points, GCC is one of the oldest corporations in the world to construct an end-to-end sustainable government building. The award and certification was received by Dr. J Radhakrishnan, I.A.S, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu and Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation in the presence of Mr. Gurmit Singh Arora, National Chairman, Indian Green Building Council, Mr. B Thiagarajan, National Vice Chairman, Indian Green Building Council, Mr. Ajit Kumar Chordia, Chairman, Indian Green Building Council, Chennai Chapter and Mr. Arun Awasthy, President and Managing Director, Johnson Controls India.

Receiving the award and certification at the Green Building Congress 2023 organized by CII’s IGBC, Dr. J Radhakrishnan, I.A.S, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu and Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation, said “In the heart of Tamil Nadu, the Greater Chennai Corporation stands as one of the world’s oldest and most proactive municipal bodies, championing the cause of a greener tomorrow. Beyond the superficiality of greenery, our focus lies in cultivating environmentally friendly and healthier spaces for the citizens of Tamil Nadu. As a proud partner state of the Green Building Congress 2023, we are excited to showcase our commitment to sustainability. Our Smart Governance Building has been awarded the prestigious IGBC Platinum rating, standing as a testament to our dedication. Leading by example is our philosophy, and we urge all upcoming projects, both private and governmental, to embrace the IGBC rating not merely for accolades but as a commitment to a sustainable future. Let us not just speak of sustainability but embody it in our actions, conserving resources for the next generation and fostering the well-being of all. I appreciate CII – IGBC once again for hosting India’s largest Conference & Expo, Green Building Congress 2023 at Chennai and I am sure, this event will go a long way in creating awareness among the masses on sustainable living.”

Adding to this, Mr. Gurmit Singh Arora, Chairman – Indian Green Building Council “I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Greater Chennai Corporation for their exemplary commitment to building a truly end-to-end sustainable green structure.”

Mr. B Thiagarajan, National Vice Chairman, Indian Green Building Council, further stated “It is indeed a commendable initiative from the Greater Chennai Corporation and we are truly delighted to be a part of this remarkable journey. I am confident that Greater Chennai Corporation will continue its stride of building end-to-end green buildings and contribute significantly to the increase in the green footprint of Tamil Nadu as well as elevating the green leadership of the state.”

GCC’s ICCC Smart Governance Centre- Key Features

Spanning across 51,338, sq.ft, GCC’s Smart Governance Centre was constructed this year.

Designed to be yet another iconic landmark of Chennai, the building mirrors the the adjoining Ripon Building in design to blend traditional elegance with modern architectural ingenuity

The building also has used several eco-friendly construction materials, remarkable green cover and biodiversity keeping in mind the wellness of its employees

Urban Heat Island Effect Mitigation: Achieving over 95% reduction in the urban heat island effect through high SRI tiles, complemented by a 75% reduction through strategically planted shade-giving trees.

Green Cover and Biodiversity: Over 30% of the area is dedicated to vegetation, predominantly native species, with a strong commitment to preserving all mature trees during construction.

Water Conservation Measures: The Centre excels in water management, harvesting over 90% of peak rainfall and using low-flow water fixtures and a bio-based Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), crucial in water-scarce Chennai. Also, around 42% water savings through use of low flow/flush water fixtures

Energy Efficiency and Savings: Incorporates energy-saving features like AAC block walls, insulated roof, shading devices, efficient VRF system, TFA systems, and occupancy and motion sensors, achieving energy cost savings of around 43% over the ASHRAE baseline case building including solar energy generation. The 131kWp installed solar PV system caters to 34% of total annual energy consumption.

Natural Daylight Utilization: 75% of workspaces receive natural daylight, enhanced by light shelves, promoting a healthy and productive work environment.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials: Utilizes Green-Pro rated materials, Low-E Glass, recycled content, locally sourced materials, eco-friendly refrigerants, and low-emitting materials, emphasizing environmental responsibility. Provision of OWC for 100% of organic waste generation.

Smart Building Features for Enhanced Experience: Features a comprehensive Building Management System (BMS), CO2 sensors, EV charging stations, and drip irrigation systems, alongside organic waste composting and waste segregation facilities.

Focus on Occupant Health and Comfort: The Centre is designed with occupant well-being in mind, including amenities like dust reduction mats, Indoor Gym, Green education posters and other facilities to ensure a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment.

Symbol of Hope and Resilience: Recognized with a Platinum certification by the Indian Green Building Council, showcasing leadership in green building practices, the ICCC Smart governance Centre stands as a beacon of hope, resilience, and a healthier future.

As part of the evening IGBC also announced the winners of its prestigious IGBC LEadership Awards 2023. In recognition of projects, organizations and individuals who have contributed immensely to the Green Building Movement were felicitated under three award categories like ‘IGBC Green Champions Awards’ , ‘IGBC Performance Challenge Award’, and ‘IGBC Fellow and Senior Fellow Awards’. Organizations like Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC), Government of Telangana, Chennai Metro Rail Limited, LODHA, My Home Constructions Pvt Ltd., Lulu Group India, Torrent Power Limited, NTT Global Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure India Private Limited, Brookfield Properties, Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited, RVS Padmavathy School of Architecture, Genesis Planners Pvt Ltd,Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd, CapitaLand India and JCB India Limited were recognized during the event under various categories for their contribution at the national level.

In response to national priorities, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has introduced the IGBC Green New Buildings rating system, a comprehensive tool designed to address environmental concerns in new constructions. This rating program serves as a practical guide for designers, facilitating the application of green concepts and the reduction of measurable environmental impacts. Accommodating diverse climatic zones and evolving lifestyles, the program has been developed by the Green New Buildings Core Committee, led by Ar. Raghavendran. Comprising key stakeholders such as architects, builders, consultants, developers, owners, institutions, manufacturers, and industry representatives, the committee’s diverse expertise has enriched both the content and process of the rating system.

Categorized under Sustainable Architecture and Design, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Building Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Innovation and Development, the IGBC Green New Buildings rating system promotes a holistic approach. The guidelines, covering mandatory requirements and credits, empower the design and construction of buildings of various sizes and types. Green building certification levels are awarded based on earned credits, emphasizing the non-negotiable nature of certain mandatory requirements for every green new building.

About the Indian Green Building Council: IGBC was established by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in 2001 to actively promote the Green Building concept in India. The council is represented by all stakeholders of the construction industry comprising corporate, government, and nodal agencies, architects, product manufacturers, institutions, and more. The council also closely works with governments, the World Green Building Council, and bilateral and multilateral agencies in promoting green building concepts in India. With a Green Building footprint of 10.42 billion sq ft, and with over 11,586+ projects adopting IGBC’s 34 rating systems, the Green Building movement in India has been advancing at a rapid pace and transforming India, into one of the global leaders in green built environment. IGBC’s current stakeholder ecosystem consists of 29 Local Chapters across the nation, 6880+ Accredited Professionals (IGBC APs), and 360+ student chapters. Tamil Nadu Green building statistics: 742 registered green building projects, equivalent to 465 million Sq ft of green building footprint.

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