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Hospitality sector gets a big boost

Kattankulathur, October 14: The Hospitality sector got a big boost during the valedictory International Chef’s Day conference at Kattankulathur near Chennai yesterday. The event began on 13 October and the valedictory for the conference was held during the afternoon today. Dr. Ravi Pachamoothoo , Pro Chancellor (Administration) of SRMIST said the food industry has retained its importance amidst a scenario where every other aspects were witnessing changes.

The two day conference was organised by SRM Institute of Hotel Management in association with South India Chef’s Association and Chef’s Table Studio.

Chefs are playing a crucial role as far as food systems are concerned, every thing there is getting automatised. This is also a sector which has lot of scope for development, said Ravi Pachamoothoo. This is also an area where there are bright prospects for entrepreneurship.

Manjit Singh Gill, president, IFCA (Indian Federation of Culinary Associations) said focus was shifting towards nutrition and health in the food industry. Food through health is the right way amidst the present circumstances, said the eminent chef.


Thomas A Gugler, President of World Chef’s addressing the students of hotel management said the key to a great future lied in one’s own hands. The way to achieve was to work hard with determination with a firm belief in oneself.

There should be a special focus on cultivation and promotion of millets as their consumption offered innumerable health benefits as it has great nutritional values. There are various other positive points with regards to millets, said Manjit Singh Gill.

‘Cultivation of millets is good for water, environment and also for the earth.’ Celebrity Chef K. Damodharan said health should be promoted through the food we consume. There is a way to eat and one should eat healthy food, said Damodharan who is also the president of SICA.

A book on millets was released during the valedictory function and winners of competitions held prior to the International Chef’s Day Conference were given prizes. Director of SRM Institute of Hotel Management Dr D Antony Ashok Kumar welcomed the gathering. Jugesh Arora, Director, Chef’s Table Studio,Registrar of SRMIST Dr S Ponnusamy were among those present.

Delighting the enthusiasts

Eminent Chef Thomas A Gugler delighted the culinary enthusiasts with valuable worlds of wisdom at a programme held in the morning before valedictory function. There is a good scope to raise to great heights in the profession of hospitality, he said and reminded that going great heights begins with strong basics. ‘There is a need to strengthen the basics.’

The noted chef asked questions to the audience in the midst of demonstrating the preparation of dishes. He showered praises and rewarded them with apron to those who gave correct replies. One of the questions asked was ‘what is lamb known in French?’ ‘Agneau’ came the reply from one of the members of the audience and he was presented an Apron.

India has a wide variety of cuisines, cultures and they can be a room for great work of one is creative and thinks out of the box. Be creative and think new and this will take you to great heights, he said addressing the students

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