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It’s time to give Earth a break: Avira presents diamonds that sparkle with virtue

Chennai, April 29th 2022: Andrea Jeremiah (Actor and Playback Singer) inaugurates the first store of Avira Diamonds in the presence Mr.Suresh Jain (Founder and MD,Avira Diamonds) at T.Nagar,Chennai . Avira Diamonds, a new age jewellery brand is pioneering sustainable and ethical jewellery design in India. Using science and technology to create lab grown diamonds, the company offers their customers world class quality diamonds, while ensuring the planet does not bear the burden of human and ecological costs of mining.

The diamonds, which are made under conditions that mimic earths’ natural processes in a lab, produces a gem impossible to distinguish from the mined form. Under the watchful supervision of our talented team, the diamonds are made free of any impurities and are of exceptional quality, while being much more affordable and environmentally friendly.

Keeping in mind the need to be mindful of our planet, Avira diamonds is pulling all stops to make lab grown diamonds the first choice for their economical and sustainability conscious customers. It is a well-known fact that diamonds are the premium choice for most people, however, with the growing demand for this gemstone, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to acquire the stone naturally. However, lab grown diamonds are expected to account for 3 times the demand by 2030, as evidenced by the large-scale adoption by shoppers in the US and EU.


According to our founder and MD, Mr. Suresh Jain, who has worked in the traditional gold jewellery business for 18 years said “We are looking forward to moving into a more sustainable space. We’re bringing a range of jewellery that aims to be affordable and yet on par in terms of designs with large jewellery brands. We are confident to have our message of sustainability reach our customers in the most effective yet, beautiful manner.”


Avira diamonds assures its customers a 100% buy back of their range of products, which will serve as a sparkling new opportunity for those planning on investing for a more sustainable future. Our jewellery is designed by seeking inspiration from the elements of nature, by being particularly cautious in our efforts to conserve natural resources. By harnessing the power of technology, we can provide our customers the alluring shine of a diamond without the guilt of having miners risk their lives in mines.


We begin our journey along this revolutionary path in April 2022 with our first store being launched in Chennai by Andrea Jeremiah, who truly believes that a sustainable future is where we are moving towards. Could there be a better way to shine brightness on a future that sparkles with virtue?

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