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LifeSpice – India’s first Science-backed Spice Mixes from LifeSpice India Pvt Ltd launched

Chennai, November 26th 2022: Lifespice India Pvt Ltd announces the Pan India launch of ‘LifeSpice’ – India’s first Science-backed Spice Mixes in the presence of Mr.Ganeshan Varadarajan (Lead Promoter & Director, Lifespice India Pvt Ltd) and Mr.Ramasamy Venkatachalam (Co-Promoter & Advisor, Lifespice India Pvt Ltd).

Mr.Ramasamy Venkatachalam, Co-Promoter & Advisor of Lifespice India Pvt Ltd said “Lifespice India Pvt Ltd is conceived with a very strong brand purpose. We hope to deliver the most scientific method of spice consumption for Indian consumers. Integrity in Product, Process and People will be the strong framework under which we will deliver our promise to the market”

Mr.Ganeshan Varadarajan, Lead Promoter & Director of Lifespice India Pvt Ltd further added “Spices in Indian food actually upregulate genes and prevent diseases. We have lost this Science to commercialisation by allowing additives like onion powder, garlic powder, ginger powder in spice mixes. Lifespice is the Renaissance of Indian Spice Mixes, only spices – original spices; not just for exotic tastes & enticing flavors but also for improved well-being”.


Background & Unique Research

Lifespice India Pvt Ltd, a company incorporated in July, 2020 has conducted pre-clinical level in vivo tests on Zebra Fish to establish that Spices have Phytochemicals like Oleanole, Anethole, Cineole, Piperine, Capsaicin, Curcumin, Cuminaldehyde, Cuminum, to name a few, that when consumed in optimal combinations can upregulate Human Genes and help fight heart ailments, cancer, Diabetic and cholesterol related management and Asthma. The company has received one patent and three more are in the pipeline.

Pioneer Process, Technology, and the Product

The company has built on this scientific research to craft 20 odd spice mix recipes that when used in day-to-day food not only add fresh, exotic tastes and flavors – but also enhance wellbeing.

As the products are being produced to enhance Human Wellbeing the company has set about configuring a unique layout of machinery and equipment. This was enabled by the fact that all the promoters are engineers with Globally successful careers accumulating to more than 120 years of project implementation. The company then worked closely with Leading machinery manufacturers like Rieco – Pune, Aakruti – Baroda, Wraptech – Mumbai, Godrej and others to develop a One of it’s kind manufacturing facility.

The company uses 15 raw materials – only spices, original spices – No Onion, Ginger, garlic, etc. Each spice is fumigated, individually roasted and individually coarse ground. The coarse single spice powders are then electronically blended as per the signature recipes, untouched by Human hand. The blended recipes are ground to 600-micron fine ness and packed in Induction sealed Food grade PET jars – first Human contact with the powder is when the customer breaks the seal at home!

Raw material for Enhanced Phytochemicals

While common industrial practice is to dump Raw material as is into the production line and to source cost effective grades, Lifespice takes extreme care in choosing the raw material – Mundu Chilies from Thoothukudi belt, Quality Turmeric from Erode belt, Green Cardamom of min 6,5mm dia from Kumili Belt, Black pepper from Idukki belt, Mace from Kerala, Indian Cinnamon and Bay leaf from Assam Belt, Black cardamom from Sikkim belt, Coriander, Fennel, Fenugreek and Cumin from Unja Belt, and so on – and cleans them individually in self designed tables to ensure no stem, stick, infested spice, jute sack remnants or outside contaminants goes into the system. Such cleaned spices are individually roasted at appropriate temperatures and for optimal time to reduce moisture and improve Phytochemical presentation. The products are hence bursting with flavor, taste, and wellbeing!

Decomplicating Cooking

The biggest confusion in cooking is how much chilly, how much cumin, do we add cinnamon, do we add mace, do we add cardamom, if yes, how much? And so on. Lifespice presents spice powders pre blended capturing all the recipes in easy-to-use jars. The cook simply needs to sauté Onions, Add Ginger/garlic, stir in tomatoes, add salt and simply add the appropriate or a combination of Lifespice Mix – add veggies or meat and cook till done. It is that simple. Anybody can cook – even a novice. Bachelors, working families, newly wedded brides, even children can make any dish – even complicated biriyanis with utmost ease – and confidence! Everyone can be a culinary artist!

The Brand Purpose

WHO and Indian Health Ministry publish data on LLY (Lost Life Years) and DALY (Disability adjusted Life years). In recent years this number is going up at the rate of 8% per annum. Most of these are due to heart ailments, Cancer, Asthma/pulmonary complications, Diabetes and Cholesterol related ailments. Lifespice has invented mixes to upregulate genes and counter all of these ailments. The Promoters have pledged to rest only when they see a reduction in LLY and DALY – simply by making India eat differently. They even have taken a No Export call – till India has had it’s full of Lifespice!

A first-time spice Kit

The company is presenting it’s products in many variants of KITs of four jars. These make sensible gifting choices. Long life, a show of love as they care for good health, taste and flavor that shall be ever appreciated, and not just simply useful but also simple to use. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Get well soons, graduations, name it, the gift makes sense, and adds some spice!

The Basics

Project set up at SIPCOT, Ranipet DTA Extension Phase II at a cost outlay of Rs 22 crores. Installed capacity is 2000 TPA. Expandable at same location to 25,000 TPA. The company aspires to capture 30% of Garam Masala Market by 2030. Surveys using samples have returned highly favorable scores and very encouraging feedback – even from Senior chefs! Now launching simultaneously in HP, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, AP and Tamilnadu. Shortly in Goa, Kerala, and Rajasthan too. Mid December shall be available on ecommerce platforms. The company can also supply Roasted coarse ground single spice powders to HORECA – or even tailor-made mixes in Bulk!

Come let us Reimagine Cooking, cleverly. Let us use the spices that the Englishman came here for responsibly! Let us build a healthy India.

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