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Man of the Hour: Gautham M

If you have come across the name Stratosphere Studios Pvt Ltd., J & G mart, GVG Studio production, Sin and Tonic, Thanjai Veeraswamy or Sierra slot source, you are most likely to know who Gautham M is.

Gautham M is an entrepreneur and Chief Executive with 20 years of experience in domestic and international markets. He is a leading industry expert with an array of skills: client outreach, public relations, market insight, leadership, team building, budgeting, strategic oversight, alongside an impressive set of soft skills and stands out as one of the biggest names in the market.

He is also a facilitator and has built world-class technology management and product development teams, specializing in both startups and scaled growth stages. He possesses proven skills in fundraising, networking, building partnerships and delivering multimillion dollar bottom-line growth.

He has laid his foot in several industries from the positions of Founder, Co-founder and business partner. The different sectors in his portfolio include Architect & Project management, Travel, Groceries, Fitness studios, Casinos, Slot machines, production house, capital management, hotel and refreshments, among many others with their head offices in different parts of the world. Sierra Slot Source is a slot machine operating for more than 30 years in California, USA while Gautham also owns casinos in Reno Nevada, Peru, Laos, Cambodia and Nicaragua. Besides, he has plans of launching in the real estate and construction industry as well.

Speaking of his educational background, this multimillionaire is an alumnus of MIT, Chennai and Harvard University, Cambridge, from where he pursued his BBA and MBA degree. He is also a multilinguist with interests in Racing, Golf and Chess.

And, we wish Gautham a very racing growth in the coming year! On his birthday, he is enjoyed his birthday bash amongst some big names, like; Santhosh Pratap, Ravi Krishna, R.K. Suresh, Richard Rishi, Harish Kalyan and many more at the Madras House Roof top, VR Mall, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

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