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Mermaid Pose Held for the Longest Duration – Asia Book of Records

Chennai – 15th August, 2021: A 17 year old girl from Chennai sets a new record by holding the mermaid yoga pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) for the longest duration at Aum Yoga Center. Ms Nandini Sarada who is a passionate dancer and an enthusiastic practitioner of yoga, created a new world record for the longest time holding the mermaid yoga pose — a position that opens the hips and arches the back into what resembles a mermaid’s tail arch. In the attempt to set a new world record Nandini held her contorted body in place for 51 minutes and 58 seconds.

The founder of Aum Yoga, Dr. Kavitha Moahan says that, “I have been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 20years. I won 2 Guinness world record and now training my students to achieve their dream. Nandini was training with me for more than a year and now for the record she is been practicing for almost a month. Aum yoga is a place where dream comes true. If you want to win life we are here to guide you through”.

Creating a new world record with a yoga pose learned in only a month, Ms Nandini Sarada says that, “It is a moment of mixed emotions of gratitude and pride, thanking my teachers , family and friends for supporting me through this and pushing me to achieve my dreams . My gurus Ms Mahatria and Dr. Kavitha has always directed me towards grabbing the right opportunities at the right time and motivated me to not just be another 17 year old but a 17 year whom all other 17 year olds look upto.

The event was graced by Actress Athulya Ravi, Actress Madhuri and Bigg Boss Fame Tharshan Thiyagarajah was also present during the occasion.

Aum Yoga – Founder’s Note:

Dr.Kavitha Moahan, the founder of Aum Yoga has completed her Bio-technology at Sathyabama university -India and the did M.Sc. Bio-science at university of western sydney, Australia. She then worked on Probiotics and healthy bacteria. She has been practicing yoga from a very young age. She slowly started developing an interest in Yoga as she started practicing it and found the real benefits of yoga in

She started researching the pain underwent by people before they deceased and during the process of
which she has helped many people and was awarded many honorary awards for the same. She was also awarded the prestigious “Yoga Kalaimaamani”award for her commendable work in Yoga from 2001 – 2020 which accounts for almost 20 years of service in this field. She has also received Guinness World
Record for performing “Longest Yoga Marathon” and for performing “longest time Holding tree Pose.

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