Palam Silks presents Resonance – a closer look on 23rd August 2023

Every Note is a Thread, Every Colour a Chord


Palam Silks launched their latest collection Resonance – a closer look on 23rd August 2023. The event was attended by Chennai’s well known luminaries from the music fraternity such as Brindha Sivakumar, Pop Shalini , Vinaita Sivakumar, Amina Rafiq and Lavita Lobo. The collection, Resonance was projected by a fashion walk with Classical Indian Music.

Palam Silks and Indian music shared an invisible bond for over the last 10 years. In 2014, Palam curated a campaign called Isai Payanam where music patrons were offered free shuttle service during the Margazhi season where they were picked up and dropped at popular sabhas in Chennai, to experience the world-renowned “Music Season” in comfort. This was curated much before “Sabha Hopping” came around, a term coined by the Gen-Z. We followed up with Concert Collection where Carnatic musical notes of 5 Ragas – Kalyani, Shankarabaranam, Thodi, Bhairavi & Kamboji were woven as borders in handloom kanchipurams. A collection that continues to receive adulation from music lovers spread across the globe. For Diwali 2023, we are back with yet another fashion affair where Indian music and Kanjeevarams come together.

“I have seen ardent music lovers resolve into a state of trance, almost to a meditative zone. They can tune into a frequency that is beyond human comprehension and simply become one with the music and flow with it. This is the emotion we wanted to capture and weave it in silk and zari.” says Jeyasree Ravi, Founder of Palam Silks Resonance – a collection symbolizing harmony or connection between music and fashion, where the motifs and patterns inspired by musical instruments create a visual “echo” or “vibration” in the design of the sarees. Every thread is a note, every colour a chord, creating a tapestry that sings a song of culture, craftsmanship, and creativity.

Few aspects of sound waves and different parts of musical instruments were chosen to capture this essence – Maraca, Thavil, Trumpet, sound waves produced by Mridhangam and auditory representation of native Indian drums are some of the design adaptations. Maraca, having originated in South America, was widely used by indigenous tribes during religious ceremonies. These instruments are adapted as zari bhuttas. Sounds produced by a Maraca are believed to have healing properties that can drive a listener into a transcendental state of mind. Thavil, taking its birth in South India, dominates all festivals and religious occasions. The unusual top angle view of a Thavil takes the form of zari bhuttas. Trumpet valves transform into long zari borders. The sound waves produced by Mridhangam are presented as contrast zari borders. Native Indian tribal groups in Peru believed that the beats emanating from their drums and Mother Earth’s heartbeats are one and the same. This ideology is represented by a motif that is as mystical as the story behind it. “Music can stir a soul, capture a heartbeat, make us lose ourselves in its ebb and flow.

Almost like a dynamic living organism that can touch, heal and grow. We decided to express this emotion in the most contemporary way possible with Resonance. After an in-depth study, it almost feels like every musical instrument has a consciousness of its own. It simply comes alive with the help of a Vidwaan, who breathes life into it with his fingers and breath.” says Jeyasree Ravi.

Resonance Collection is available in Palam Silks, located in T Nagar, Mylapore and Anna Nagar.


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Address : Palam Silks, 22, Oliver Road, Mylapore

Price Range : Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000

Website : www.palamsilk.com

Contact : 7338873333

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