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Repose Mattress Pvt Ltd is one of India’s fast growing mattress manufacturers Presenting 2 variants of SmartGRID, their latest mattress product using Japanese patented technology

  •  Currently targeting a turnover of Rs. 200 cr, doubling that of last financial year.
  • Will be adding 200 dealers to the existing 600 dealers in the Tamil Nadu market
  • Expanding to new territories – Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.
  • Actor / producer Prabhu Deva has been signed on as their brand ambassador.

Established in November 2012 with factories in Coimbatore, Pune and Meerut, Repose Mattress Pvt. Ltd. is one of the country’s fastest growing mattress manufacturers. With 400 employees and a network of 1,500 dealers across their sales regions in India, Repose had a turnover of Rs. 103 crores in the last financial year.

Having begun with the manufacture of spring mattresses, Repose have added coir and foam mattresses to their offerings. Known for their innovations in the mattress space, many of their specialist products target niche markets.
“Currently catering primarily to the south Indian market, Repose is expanding into new territories in North India. We aim to have a presence in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana and will establish 200 dealers in those States. We are, now, actively considering establishing another factory in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Our target this financial year is to increase our turnover to Rs. 200 crores. In Tamil Nadu, we intend to increase our sales to Rs.60 Crore from Rs.30 Crore, for which we plan to increase the size of our dealer network from the current 400 to 600,” said Mr. Balaji V, CMO, Repose Mattress.


“We have signed up Prabhu Deva, the dance superstar, as our brand ambassador. He has a fan following across the country and Repose aims to use his stature to help us become a national mattress brand. We have recently launched a series of promotions featuring him on TV and streaming platforms,” he added.

In keeping with their innovative offerings and in line with their brand philosophy of Wake up to Fresh Ideas, and in order to increase market share, Repose is now introducing the latest in their line of mattresses – the SmartGRID mattress.

“The SmartGRID mattress is based on technology that has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It is made up of hyper-elastic polymers using cutting edge technology in the fields of material science and sleep science. It is the biggest disruptor in the Comfort Technology space,” said Mr. Ravi Pandith, VP-Sales & Business Development, Repose Mattress.

Benefits of SmartGRID technology:

  • The mattress is soft exactly where the body needs it – the shoulders and hips area – and firm where the body needs stronger support – in the back area.
  • There are 2,500+ air channels which results in a temperature neutral grid design that keeps the mattress cooler.
  • SmartGRID provides instant support to bodily movements resulting in reducing tossing and turning and an undisturbed sleep.
  • The mattress is durable and doesn’t sag over time and stays in its natural form for a long time

The SmartGRID Product Range

Two variants are currently being launched:

1. Pockeded Spring with Grid Mattress
2. Foam with Grid Mattress

Repose Mattress have an extensive range of mattresses apart from the SmartGRID product and will be expanding into other areas of the country in the immediate future.

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