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Save Shakti Foundation announces Project ‘Keep A Bowl’ Chennai 2023 to create awareness about the importance of water bowls for community animals

Chennai, May 5th 2023: Save Shakti Foundation initiated Project ‘Keep a Bowl’ Chennai 2023 in the presence of Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali (Dewan to Prince of Arcot), Ramya Krishnan (Actor), Govind Suryawanshi (Director Corporate Affairs, Royal Canin), Varalaxmi Sarathkumar (Actor, Founder & Chairman, Save Shakti Foundation) and Nina Reddy (Chairperson, Savera Group of Hotels), K.R Kadir Murugan (170 Division Councillor, Greater Chennai Corporation and Chhaya Devi (Co-Founder, Save Shakti Foundation).

The project ‘Keep a Bowl’ was organized by Save Shakti Foundation (Founder – Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) and Royal Canin, who have collaborated to create awareness to keep a bowl of water for the community’s stray animals.

During the summer, the animals find it very difficult to get drinking water. These animals are also a part of the community; it becomes the responsibility of each member of the society to ensure they take care of their basic needs, such as food and water.

Speaking at the launch of Project ‘Keep a Bowl’, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Founder & Chairman of Save Shakti Foundation, said, “We urge each one of you to keep a bowl of water outside your homes for the animals to drink. This way, we can extend our support to all the Dogs, Cats and Birds during the hot summer days. By creating a simple awareness, together we all can make a difference to our voiceless animals.”

Chhaya Devi, Co-Founder of Save Shakti Foundation added, “Joy of Feeding is a scheme where community animals are fed at the demolition sites. Save Shakti Foundation not only focuses on animal welfare services; we also support underprivileged children with education and conduct special mental health programmes for senior citizens with music programmes.”

This is the second edition of the Keep a Bowl Challenge 2023. This event was also attended by most of the community feeders and rescuers who received free water bowls for their community pets, with the objective of highlighting the importance of water bowls for the community animals and the distribution of free bowls.

Free bowls were recently distributed to community feeders and animal lovers across Chennai, and this event was attended by a lot of dignitaries and celebrities who came forward to amply and support the cause. Till date Save Shakti Foundation has donated an approximate 2000 water bowls free of charge to community animal feeders and rescuers, which is aimed at offering clean drinking water for stray animals and birds around the city. People who wish to get bowls from Save Shakti Foundation can enquire at .

About Save Shakti Foundation

The Save Shakti movement was launched by actor Varalaxmi Sarathkumar on Women’s Day (8th March) in 2017. Save Shakti was born out of Varalaxmi’s anguish about the rising cases of inappropriate behavior and sexual violence against women in the country.

When they first started, they wanted to present a two-point petition. First, empower more women to come forward and complain about sexual harassment. Secondly, to ensure they got swift empathetic remedies. They are not an organization only for women, but also for shakti in all forms. In these 3 years, they have gone from strength to strength to stand up for the righteous cause and protect the interests of all living beings. Save Shakti Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust with Income Tax Act, 1961 and donations to the Trust qualify for deduction u/s 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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Address: No.10, 3rd main road, Kottur Gardens, Kotturpuram, Chennai – 600085

Contact: +91 9840071300

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