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Svitch Electric Bike Expands Its Reach in Chennai with Two Exclusive showrooms at a time

Chennai, October 18, 2023: Svitch Electric Bike, a leading name in the electric mobility sector, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of not one, but two exclusive showrooms at a time in the vibrant city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai after Bangalore and Hyderabad. These new outlets mark a significant milestone in Svitch’s journey to provide sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions to the people of Chennai.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to soar, Svitch Electric Bike has emerged as a pioneer in the electric bike industry. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility, Svitch has gained a reputation for producing electric bikes that seamlessly blend style, performance, and sustainability.

The two new exclusive showrooms, strategically located in prime areas of Chennai; Mount road & Selaiyur will provide an immersive and convenient shopping experience for customers interested in exploring an exceptional range of electric bikes. Customers can look forward to a wide variety of models, each designed to cater to diverse preferences and needs, from daily commuters to adventure enthusiasts.

Both, Svitch MM Motors exclusive showrooms situated in the heart of the city, one at Mount road and another at Selaiyur, will offer a sophisticated urban ambiance, perfect for those seeking a stylish and eco-conscious mode of transportation.

Both showrooms will feature Svitch’s latest models, including the highly acclaimed Svitch XE+, known for its powerful motor, long-range capability, and sleek design. Customers will also have the opportunity to test ride the electric bikes, allowing them to experience the Svitch difference firsthand.

In addition to the impressive range of electric bikes, Svitch Electric Bike showrooms will offer expert guidance and support from well-trained staff who are passionate about sustainable mobility. Customers can expect a seamless shopping experience and access to maintenance and service assistance to keep their Svitch electric bikes in top condition.

Since inception, Svitch Bike has been involved in CSR activities and this time the activity is being conducted on the beaches of Chennai. Team of Svitch is going to clean the beaches of Chennai. A step towards the vision of our Honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

“When it comes to revolution, we would always like to take a step forward. And, this is the actual green revolution to join hands with Svitch Bike!”, said Mr. Pankaj Kankariya, Managing Director at MM Svitch Motors.

“Having vast experience and footprint in the automobile industry in Chennai, once more we feel proud to add a new footprint of Svitch in our basket!”, said Mr. Arun Kumar R., CEO at MM Svitch Motors.

The grand opening of these two exclusive showrooms in Chennai is a testament to Svitch’s dedication to promoting green transportation solutions and supporting the ongoing shift towards sustainable living. Svitch Electric Bike invites all residents of Chennai to visit their showrooms, test ride their electric bikes, and be a part of the green mobility revolution.

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