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The Visionary Walk to Glorify Exceptional Women of India

The much-awaited event called ‘The Visionary Walk’ of Visionary Women Circle (VWC) and WEDO (Women Entrepreneurship Development Organisation), two powerful entities in the domain of women’s empowerment, came at a time when the whole world is celebrating the power of women in the month of March.

The event that happened on March 31 at The Park in Nungambakkam, Chennai, identified 12 exceptional women who have made their mark in various fields..

It was really a memorable occasion for Ms Kadambari Umapathy, Founder, WEDO & VWC and Dr Abdul Manaff, Chairman, WEDO & VWC, both considered to be stalwarts in their own right in matters relating to identification of exceptional women based on their remarkable achievements for the overall benefit of society.

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