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Velguard Adult Diapers Event Launch at Ramada

We live in a world full of opportunities and possibilities. We constantly find ourselves taking several steps ahead. Our goal driven selves often forget to or choose to let go of our roots, the ones who made us who we are, the older generations that brought us up. They find themselves in old age homes or wallowing in a house with no one to care for them, except themselves, leading a lonely life. They become more susceptible to diseases and amidst it, they only have one constant pillar of support that comes in handy.

Wonder what they are? Adult Diapers. Not just any, but anti-bacterial and waterproof diapers from Velguard. They have a super-absorbent gel inclusion that helps keep the fluid in control.

Additionally, at this stage, since the skin becomes loose and sensitive, the diapers also come with room for aloe Vera. With an option of being 100% latex-free, they also have a wetness indicator. As the name suggests, these diapers are not just made for the old aged, they’re made for those aged 35 years and above. Hence, if and when there is a need for adult diapers, we recommend Velguard for optimum satisfaction and relief.

After 3 decades of being successful in the textile industry, Esstee Exports felt they needed a new diversification. Noticing the gaps in quality and certification, Esstee Exports chose to bridge it by venturing out and starting Velguard with the goal to ensure quality health care products for all. Rising up to the occasion, during the pandemic, Velguard manufactured medical & reusable masks and PPE kits. They are now branching out and launching adult diapers as their latest product. Velguard is compliant to major international guidelines, catering towards BIS, ISO, FDA, CE, and ASTM. They constantly commit to providing their best services for a high-standard experience to their certified state-of-the-art clean air’ manufacturing facility.

With about 1500+ satisfied clients, Velguard will be launching an event on March 30, 2022 at Ramada to spread awareness on their new product, adult diapers. The event will cordially be launched and addressed by Priyanka Nair, an Indian Model, Actor, Choreographer, and Dancer, from 4 – 5 PM. This would be a chance to understand the company’s products by witnessing them first-hand!

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