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WayCool’s BrandsNext Forays into the Specialty Rice Segment with the Launch of an Exclusive Biryani Rice Portfolio

Chennai, November 09, 2023: BrandsNext, a WayCool enterprise, today announced its foray into the specialty rice segment with the launch of an exclusive Biryani portfolio. Diversifying its product range within the KitchenJi flagship brand, the company has unveiled two new variants – KitchenJi Basmati Rice and Kitchenji Seeraga Samba; to cater to the discerning palates of both North and South Indian culinary traditions with a key focus on consistency. Currently entered the specialty rice market with the strong consumer proposition of a consistent product experience.

In line with evolving consumer choices, this deliberate step also addresses the rising demand for Biryani, especially in Tier I and Tier II markets, reaching out to a broad network of 60000+ retailers. The product launch is also supported by a comprehensive marketing campaign titled “The magic of happy sundays” (Ini Sunday Naa KitchenJi Biryani daan). The campaign comprises of an innovative TVC starring South Indian celebrity Ms. Sneha Prasanna endorsing the products. The brand also plans to roll out extensive awareness campaigns across traditional media & social media campaigns as part of the launch.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr BP Ravindran, CEO, BrandsNext, ” Today we observe a trend that Biryani is strong emotion savored across households & it is a favourite food across age groups. The aromatic blend that biryani offers has always been more than just a meal in the rich tapestry of culinary traditions. It’s no wonder then that the quest for the perfect biryani rice has seen an exponential increase especially amongst convenient seekers as a one pot meal. Our deep consumer understanding on Biryani users leads us to the choice of preferred rice varieties commonly used in HH’s for preparing biryani. The ranking in the order of preference being Basmati Rice, Seeraga Samba Rice (Aromatic & Flavorful Short Grain Aged Rice), Long Grain Rice & Everyday rice .We observed a rising demand for biryani rice variants in Tier I and Tier II markets with average consumption per HH’s being 2KG per month. We believe the Indian Basmati rice market has been growing at a CAGR of 10% in the last three years. Hence we recognize this as a significant opportunity and introduced Basmati rice and Seeraga Samba Rice with a proposition of consistent Biryani experience for Biryani lovers. To ensure the authenticity and exceptional quality of our rice, we conducted indigenous qualitative research and rigorous R&D. Our efforts resulted in a product that is consistently fluffy, non-sticky, soft, well-cooked and brings in the aromatic, flavorful goodness every time it’s prepared. This excellence extends to both our specialty rice variants. In line with WayCool’s vision of curating a food portfolio inspired by the Indian Thaali, we are confident that with this move, we are on the path to becoming market leaders, especially in the Biryani rice segment. “

Etched with the USP of providing the choice of blends that assure rice is not a deterrent while cooking Biryani, Kitchenji’s Biryani Rice is sourced from the heartlands of Punjab and Tamil Nadu; while its grains are aged for 12 months to enhance the flavour and aroma. Kitchenji’s Biryani Rice endeavors to address the challenges of consistency in taste, aroma, breakage and texture everytime Biryani is cooked in households. The product is further developed through a stringent Q5 quality process of sourcing, aging, grading, cleaning and packaging, calling for ethical sourcing and hygienic packaging of the product.

With Kitchenji’s portfolio harboring a plethora of pulses, spices, dry fruits and sweeteners, the introduction of our Specialty Rice range offers a delectable experience to consumers. Priced at ₹168 for the Seeraga Samba variant and ₹218 for the Basmati rice variant across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana, the Kitchenji Biryani Rice will also be available across e-commerce channels.

About BrandsNext: WayCool’s BrandsNext, is India’s newest and the fastest growing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand from the house of WayCool Foods, India’s largest food and agri-tech platform. WayCool entered the consumer packaged goods business in 2018 through brands such as Madhuram – a quality rice brand sourced from select farms, Kitchenji – a premium staples brand sourced from the company’s vast farmer network & Freshey’s – ready to cook products from batter to value-added products. Today, BrandsNext brings a mandate of transforming and building super brands in the commodity space with Madhuram, KitchenJi and Freshey’s that benefits every stakeholder in the ecosystem, focusing on extensive quality control from source to doorstep, and bringing best-in-class consistency. With BrandsNext, WayCool intends to be closer to consumption occasions of consumers by mapping their needs and addressing their pain points while curating a portfolio that caters to the everyday Thali of consumers.

About WayCool: WayCool Foods is India’s leading food and agri-tech platform. Focusing on food development and distribution, the company leverages innovative technology to scale and operate a complex supply chain from soil to sale. Through its tech arm CENSA, it offers technology products as customizable SAAS solutions across six verticals namely, Farm Tech, Procurement Tech, Processing and Warehousing Tech, Distribution Tech, Consumer Tech, and Fin Tech with an integrated core leading to transparency and intelligence across the entire food and agri supply chain. Through its farmer engagement program – Outgrow, the company works closely with 2,00,000+ farmers. WayCool operates a full stack, broadline product range across multiple channels and categories such as fresh produce, staples, and dairy, serving over 1,65,000+ clients in the general trade, modern trade, and food services space. WayCool’s consumer brands basket consists of Madhuram, Kitchenji, L’exotique, Dezi Fresh, Freshey’s, AllFresh and Just Potate.

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