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Wondr Diamond – Grand Launch of Wondr Diamond Website at Park Hotel Chennai

Mr. Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, Retailers Association of India launched India’s first and exclusive

e-commerce portal for the earth friendly and exquisite lab grown diamond jewellery from Wondr Diamonds –, In the presence of the founders of Wondr Diamonds Ms Aishwarya Guptha & Mr Anirudhan Grandhee, renowned Gemologist & Chairman of Wondr Diamonds Mr Viswanathan Guptha, Co Chairman of Wondr Diamonds Mr Selvam K and Mr Balachandar R Director, Wondr Bluekoi. Cine Actress Ms. Swathishta Krishnan and Pragya Nagra also graced the occasion.

Chennai 18-08-2022, Wondr Diamonds, South India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s first Earth-friendly Diamond Store has launched India’s First and exclusive e-commerce portal for Lab-grown diamonds


Today, Lab Grown Diamonds are making waves the world over as an affordable and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds. They are more ethical, beautiful and far more affordable than any mined diamond. These diamonds exhibit the same brilliance and sparkle as mined diamonds with the same physical, chemical and optical properties. The differences, imperceptible to even a gemologist’s trained eye, can only be deduced by a machine.

In India, the Lab Grown diamonds business has the potential to grow to ₹40,000 crores from the current levels in the next 5 years, since mined diamonds are expensive, the demand for this is growing fast.

At Wondr Diamonds, state-of-the-art Lab-grown diamonds are made by replicating the earth’s natural process by crystallizing carbon in a modern-day lab environment into brilliant diamonds. These perfect diamonds cost one-third the price of mined diamonds. Every single diamond from Wondr is graded as per the 4Cs, certified, and the gold is hallmarked. What’s more, the brand also offers exchange and buyback of jewellery. Wondr Diamonds’ Earth-friendly diamonds eliminate the environmental and ethical consequences of mined diamonds and are treasures that do not tarnish the planet.

With a vision to bring affordable and exquisite lab grown diamond jewellery to every Indian home, Wondr Diamonds has now launched its exclusive e-commerce portal – The website beautifully showcases hundreds of stylish and elegant Wondr diamonds products across various categories like rings, bracelets, earrings, charms, necklace sets and others. Prices start as low as Rs. 5000. The website is easy to use and navigate with secure payment, delivery and exchange options. offers a stunning range of options, from lightweight office wear, traditional designs and gifting solutions to studs, bangles, bracelets and bridal wear too. even has a special range specifically catered to men. The website features ongoing promotions and offers as well.

Wondr diamonds with its advanced manufacturing facilities brings superior quality lab grown diamond jewellery crafted by master craftsmen and designed at their own award winning design centre.

With a growing domestic and international demand for lab grown diamonds, India is poised to become a global hub with the lab grown diamond market in the next 5 years. Wondr Diamonds is ready to take on this demanding challenge by making its exceptional lab grown diamond jewellery available and accessible across the length and breadth of the country via its e-commerce website

Wondr Diamonds is on a mission to bring every woman a step closer to owning the Perfect Diamond to wear, love and flaunt.

Explore more of their exquisite, Earth-friendly range of jewellery at

During this event Leading Influencers like Ms.Rubeena Afroz , Fashion Designer , Rupjyoti Gogai – Fashion Stylist, Mehandi Jashnani – Model & Bridal Stylist and Ms. Farhana Suhail – Lifestyle influencer were present.

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