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About iTEC India 2023:

SAEINDIA is organizing the 5th Edition of iTEC India 2023, in collaboration with IEEE IAS USA.

SAEINDIA is well known in the engineering community, as the ultimate destination for knowledge dissemination and skill enrichment, among the Mobility Engineering Professionals in India.

This Biennial event has been growing in size and stature over the years and is eagerly awaited by all the key stakeholders of the EV community. The 5th Edition of iTEC India 2023, will be held on 13th to 15th December 2023 at Chennai Trade Center, Chennai, India.

This meet assumes great significance because the Indian Automotive Market is expected to grow rapidly and it is currently the 3rd largest in the world. Also it enhances the skills of all the participants.


The event is expected to be attended by 500+ delegates from over 16 countries. The Government of India’s Key priorities and policy interventions, will be discussed during this 3-day conference, which includes the Faster Adaption to EVs and Improved Safety Standards of Vehicles. Subject Matter Experts from overseas will share their experiences, to find pragmatic solutions to the challenges that lies ahead. For Instance, India achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2070.


Address to the Media, by the People at the Dias: 

Mr. N. Balasubramanian, (Chair – Steering Committee of iTEC India 2023), highlighted the importance and need for this international meet, where experts around the world will participate in the 5th Edition of iTEC India 2023.

The conference will have 4-Plenary sessions and 3 Panel Discussions, with 128 technical papers on topics related to ‘Transportation Electrification’. Technical experts from India and abroad, will deliberate on issues related to ‘Sustainable Mobility’ in India, with a focus on ‘Start-up Innovation’ for faster adoption of electric mobility. A smooth transition to Electric Vehicles across segments, including public transportation like Electric Buses and Trucks, along with Rural and Urban Mobility is expected.

Dr. Shankar Venugopal, (Chair – Organizing Committee of iTEC India 2023, emphasized the importance of the theme of the conference to accelerate e-Mobility, as we are moving towards achieving the goal of an ‘eAMRIT’. It is still a daunting task to build the huge supporting infrastructure, in the form of fast charging stations, swappable battery and new battery chemistry, as well as a reduction in the weight of the batteries.

India is a vast country and have varied mobility needs. To fulfill the needs of the varied set of consumers in an affordable manner, Industry needs to strive to work in this direction, to meet the National objectives. At the same time, as we embark on this path, we need to identify the challenges and plan for actions to remove the challenges to accelerate the e-mobility. Government of India has taken many steps including the FAME 2 Scheme and PLI scheme for faster adoption of electric mobility and industry is working on the same path. These schemes are expected to provide the momentum, for localization of the key components for electric mobility (BMS, Electric Motor, Battery Cells and Casing).

He welcomed the policy makers, industry professionals and media to come and witness the event at the Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai from December 13-15, 2023.

Mr. Debashis Neogi, Managing Director of Renault Nissan Technology and Business Centre India mentioned that “The EV growth across the World is undoubtedly expected to be multi fold. India with digital skills and Engineering R&D eco system, is in a good strategic position for global EV Technology development but also contribute to accelerate EV introduction for India. The enhancement of local EV Eco-system will get boost with events like ITEC India”.

Dr. G. Nagarajan, Senior Vice President, SAEINDIA spoke elaborately about the events to be conducted in the future, for the engineering student fraternity, by this Non for Profit Society.

Collaborating with IIT Madras, the SAEINDIA board has sanctioned the organization of the Hyperloop competition in 2024. This innovative competition involves students from various disciplines collaborating to design and develop Pods levitated and propelled by superconducting magnets, eliminating typical automobile resistances.

In response to industry challenges in meeting stringent Emission Standards and advancements in automobile technology, SAEINDIA’s board approved the initiation of H Baja (ATV powered by Internal Combustion Engines using hydrogen) and A Baja (Driverless vehicles controlled by sensors and actuators) competitions to prepare students for industry demands, in 2024. Top of Form

The Chief Guest of the 5th Edition of iTEC India 2023, Mr. Rajendra Petkar, President and CTO, Tata Motors Limited, shared his thought provoking address. which was in line with the theme of the event, which is “eAMRIT – Accelerating e-Mobility Revolution for India’s Transportation'”. The summary of his talk is below;

E-mobility is emerging as a foundational pillar, in journey to the sustainability and Net Zero Emissions. Robustness at the system level – Right from the grid balancing to charging, which has a critical role to play in developing EV solutions, leading to call for the Collaboration/Partnerships. It is very important to have a green grid, to realize the potential of BEVs and FCEVs. The Focus on the local R & D & manufacturing, which is imperative for acceleration of the adoption of eMobility; Last but not the least, the Need for sharp & sustained focus for Transformation in Skillsets – For Digital & Upskilled is vital in this journey.

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