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Jithan Ramesh has chosen a good and perfect Route now: Suresh Chakravarthy

Nemi Productions Dr. Amar Ramachandran presents ‘Route No.17’, is directed by Abhilash, director of critically-acclaimed movie ‘THAI NILAM’ that won 14 International film awards. The film features Jithan Ramesh as the protagonist and Anju Pandiya in the female lead character.

Hareesh Peraadi is playing the antagonist character in this film and the others in the star-cast include Amar Ramachandran, Nihal, Akil Prabhakar, Jeniffer, Bindu, Karthik Vishwanathan and many others. Malayalam industry’s most leading music director Ouseppachan is composing music for this film, which has lyrics penned by Yugabharathi, Karthik, Kavignar Senthamizh Dasan and others.

With the film’s worldwide theatrical release scheduled on December 29, the film’s trailer launch was held at Forum Mall in Chennai, which witnessed the presence of prominent icons from the film industry like Producer T Siva, playback singers Sujatha Mohan and Swetha Mohan, Actress Vasundhara, Jithan Ramesh’s Bigg Boss show housemates – Actor Aari, Suresh Chakravarthy, Somashekar, Archana, Arandhangi Nisha and actress Komal Sharma were present as chief guests.

Director Abhilash G Devan said, “This is a tailor-made film for Jithan Ramesh. Both of us have been good friends ever since I was looking for opportunities in cinema. We have shot this film in almost ten schedules. Jithan Ramesh took laborious effect by acting continuously for 29 days in unbearable heat. We had to shoot the sequence underground that had terrible heat condition. For every 15 minutes, he would come out to pour cold water on him and get back to the underground to continue filming. Usually when the producers come to shooting spot, there would be tension, but when my producer comes on the set it is lively. He also produced my first film. Music Director Ouseppachan hasn’t just composed music, but also gave some advice on the script of the film. You can almost call him a co-director. As cinematographer Prashant is almost six feet tall, we shot many scenes without the help of a crane. Aruvi Madan, who played another important role in this film. He is a good human being. When the shooting of was scheduled in Tirunelveli area, it rained for four consecutive days and the shooting was not possible. So we canceled the shoot temporarily and were paying everyone so that we could come back and do it another time. But Aruvi Madan came forward stating it’s not producer’s fault, but shooting got cancelled due to natural calamity, which doesn’t make him responsible.He surprised me stating that he doesn’t want to get paid. Such a noble man. The film’s positives and brilliant flashes are due to the team’s hard work, and if there are any minuses, it’s all because of me. Akhil plays second lead role in this movie. I have never seen such a good boy. He does what is exactly required for the role. I have tried to give this movie in such a way that you will not get bored for 2 hours. “Look and tell me,”

Producer T Siva said, “Ramesh is someone I like personally, and is my favourite actor. I was expected a breakthrough for him over a long time, and I am glad that it is going to happen with this movie. He has now got a good route. The film’s trailer has the potential becoming a viral hit in a short span of time.”

Actress Aranthaangi Nisha said, “When staying with Jithan Ramesh in the Bigg Boss House, he used to tell that he is waiting for the right opportunity, but didn’t get. And now I am glad that it has happened with this film. I wish him and the entire team, a great success.”

Actress Suresh Chakravarthy said, “Ramesh would stay calm only at Bigg Boss House, but he is a fantabulous actor. He is now traveling across a good route. The film’s title ‘Route No.17’ is a lucky number in China, and it’s going to work well with him as well.”

Actress Vasundhara said, “I have already worked with Abhilash and he is such a dedicated and hardworking person. I am confident that he would have exerted the same amount of energy and efforts in to this project as well. This film will be a great success, and I wish the entire team.”

Actor Akhil, who has played the second lead role in this movie said, “ Although I have acted in few Malayalam movies, this is my first Tamil movie. Despite the fact that the shooting spot was fun-filed experience, there were lots of risky scenes we had to shoot. Stunt master Jacky Johnson helped and supported a lot. I thank director Abhilash for giving such a lovely role for me.”

Actress Anju said, ‘This is my debut film in Tamil. Although, I have desire to speak in Tamil, I am not confident as I might go wrong. I am fond of Tamil Nadu youngsters, Everyone in the team including director Abhilash have done a remarkable work. In particular, fight master Jackie Johnson has done a commendable work.”

Playback singer Sujatha Menon said, ‘I usually don’t attend the audio launch functions, even for the films that have my songs. But if today, I am here along with my daughter, it’s all for the sake of Ouseppachan, who is my mentor. I am welcoming him to the Tamil industry.”

Actor Harish Kumar said, “I have not acted in this movie, and I now feel bad for nothing being a part of it. Myself and Abhilash would often have conflicts, but it’s all for the sake of script betterment. Jithan Ramesh sir is a lovely person. Actors like us will have ups and downs, and it’s always advisable to keep working towards our goals without bothered about the results.”

Actress Komal Sharma said, “I saw the film along with director Abhilash. I literally felt bad for the intermission as the film was so racy, and didn’t like that break. He has done a remarkable work for this film, which will be evident in every single frame. The entire team’s hard work and dedication will pay off with huge success.”

Music Director Ouseppachan said, “I am now completing my Golden Jubilee in the industry, and only now, I am here to compose music in a Tamil movie for the first time. I stayed and spent my early days in Kerala, but began my career as music director in Chennai, and 75% of my professional days have been in Chennai. Many have been asking me why I didn’t come here in Tamil cinema industry earlier. It is because when music directors like Vidyasagar and Harris Jayaraj, who worked with me during my 35th year of age were doing great job out here, I didn’t want to ruin the scenario. So I stayed back in Malayalam industry.”

Producer Amar said:“Let me first express my gratitude to the music director, for joining our team. Brother Ouseph! I am a rather fresh entrant to the film;m industry. I have produced 3 mob=vies in Malayalam and one in Tamil;. I am now producing my second Tamil movie. However, Ouspeph did not think of us as being freshers and gave excellent support to our team.

When Abhilash narrated the story to me, he asked me in which language I would prefer to make the movie – Tamil or Malayalam. Without batting an eyelid, I replied in Tamil.

Abhilash only introduced me to Ramesh. There is no better choice than Ramesh for this movie.

I have acted in a minor role in a movie with actor Aari. I had an association with Jithan for 100 days during the making of Big Boss. I am grateful for this team to attend this function recalling this 100 days’ association!

My personal deep gratitude to producer R B Choudhary helped a great deal in the process of releasing this movie after it was completed. I would like to ask the communication media networks to extend their best help to promote this movie to reach the public.

I am still practising as a doctor! I am a maternity specialist. I am also a laparoscopic surgeon. In my career, I have given equal importance to both my medical and film careers. However, as you can rightly observe, my patients are more important than the movie! Only when I do not have any work in the medical field, do I venture into the movie domain. Even when confirming that there is no work in the medical line, I will first confirm that there are enough doctors before venturing into films. After completing this programme, I need to visit the hospital tomorrow morning! The money I earn from my medical profession will be useful to distribute wages to the film staff!”

Actor Jithan Ramesh said, “Both myself and Abhilash are good friends, and we always chat casually. When he had done the film ‘Thai Nilam’, he approached me with a script, and insisted that I have to act in it. I asked him to narrate the script, and went completely engrossed with the racy screenplay.

90% of the film has been shot inside the forest, among which major sequences have been filmed inside a cave, where around 50 people had to stay and shoot. It was even difficult for us to breathe. The film’s maximum budget was spent for the candles as it was used in big numbers during the shoot. The film’s heroine Anju was immersed in soil for most of the sequences for nearly 30 days. She had a fracture on leg during the shoot, and had to take rest, but still she bounced back immediately and got her portions shot. The film has achieved a greater level with the fantabulous musical score of Ouseppachan sir, and everyone will mention the same after the release.”

Actor Aari said, “It’s great to see that all the playback singers are honoured, and it’s a great privilege to be a part of an event that has Music director Ouseppachan sir, whose contribution to the world of music goes beyond ages and decades. He has completed 50 years in the in usury, and is still able to give youth-centric music. I can see that only his physical age has increased, but not his creative mind and spellbinding music. I am a good friend of Abhilash. He approached me with a script when I was shooting for Nendunchalai. Both of us have shared a great bonding from that point of time, which extends beyond films. Jithan Ramesh had narrated the script to me. He might not have succeeded as a hero, but will definitely score brownie points as villain. Even I’m all set to perform a negative role in a movie that will release next year.

It’s great and heartwarming to see good-hearted people like Arandhangi Nisha and KPY Bala extending their helping hands towards the needy during the flood times. Many have been publicising and spreading news about the leading icons and celebrities doing such services, but everyone must celebrate these people too. It’s okay if we aren’t contributing or helping anything, but we must celebrate such heroes, who reached out to the poor and needy during these crucial times. Producer Amar is an ordinary man, who became a doctor, and then out of passion, embarked on a journey in the film industry, and has successfully released 5 movies, which shows his immense dedication.”

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